Tuition & Fees - Academic Year

For College Edge high school students


Total Points Rate
Individual Courses 1 Point $2,052.00 total
2 Points $4,104.00 total
3 Points $6,912.00 total
4 or More Points $2,052.00 per point
Tuition Calculation Example
12 points x $2,052.00 per point = $24,624.00 total
12 points is typically equivalent to 4 courses


This listing is intended to summarize possible charges that could be incurred against a student's account. Certain charges depend upon specific circumstances, as noted. Fees that are not billed to the student account, such as course fees or placement test fees, may be required but are not listed here.

Required Application Fee $80.00
Student Activities Fee $50.00 per term
University Facilities Fee*
Full-time Students
Part-time Students

$513.00 per term
$264.00 per term
Language Resource Center Fee $15.00 per foreign
language course
Technology Fee $35.00 per term
Document Fee $105.00 one-time
fee for all new students
International Services Charge
Required of all international students
$100.00 per term
Health Service Fee** $584.00 per term
Additional Fees Withdrawal Fee
Required of any student who drops all courses for which he or she has registered.
Late Registration Fees
During late registration period
After late registration period

$50.00 per term
$100.00 per term
Expanded CUIT Account Fee (optional)
Entitles students to extended CUIT computer lab privileges.
$35.00 per term

Student Medical Insurance

All full-time students must provide proof of insurance or enroll in one of the University plans. This fee is optional for part-time students. Visit Columbia Health for details and rates.

Financial Aid

Financial aid funding is not available for this program. Students are advised to check with their guidance counselors for information on securing financial assistance from outside sources.

* University Facilities Fee – Students are required to pay a University Facilities Fee depending on their registration. Full-time students are those registered for 12 or more points over a 16-week term. This fee is subject to Board of Trustee approval and may change.

** Health Service Fee – Required of all full-time students; optional for part-time students. Includes clinical services provided on campus as well as integrated off-campus services. See for details.

Tuition and fees are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees and may change.