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RMAN UN1101 Elementary Romanian I. 4 points.

Provides students with an introduction to the basic structures of the Romanian language.

Fall 2020: RMAN UN1101
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
RMAN 1101 001/12224  
Mona Momescu 4 0/15

RMAN UN2101 Intermediate Romanian I. 4 points.

Prerequisites: RMAN W1101-W1102 or the instructor's permission.

Further explores the grammatical and linguistic structures of the Romanian language.

Fall 2020: RMAN UN2101
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
RMAN 2101 001/12225  
Mona Momescu 4 1/15

RMAN W1121 Comprehensive Elementary Romanian. 4 points.

Not offered during 2020-21 academic year.

This course is designed for students who had no previous experience with Romanian. It will provide those who take it with the basic skills that enable them to communicate at a basic level and will thus prepare the class for the next level of study. As accelerated learning of a language is conceived as a “theater of the mind”, the course will rely mostly on in-class activities meant to activate all the four skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) in accordance with the proposed level of performance. The number and quantity of homework will be reduced, so that the students will be “putting” their knowledge and skills to work. They will also be introduced in authentic linguistic environments (places and venues of the Romanian community in NYC, meetings with fellow students who are native speakers, etc). This class is the equivalent to classes in the regular RMAN W1101-1102 sequence.

RMAN W1221 Comprehensive Intermediate Romanian. 4 points.

Not offered during 2020-21 academic year.

Prerequisites: Elementary Romanian (I and II), Comprehensive Elementary Romanian, or the equivalent, or placement test.

The course addresses those who have previous knowledge of Romanian and who want to extend their communicative capacities in the language as well as to expand the vocabulary. An accelerated course needs to create a rather theatrical approach where students feel comfortable with their previous knowledge and gain confidence, while working for their B2 level. As many intermediate students partially or completely qualify as “independent users”, the course will put their experience to work and focus on real-life communication situations. This class is the equivalent to classes in the regular RMAN W1201-1202 sequence.

RMAN W4002 Romanian Culture, Identity and Complexes. 3 points.

This course addresses the main problems that contribute to the making of Romanian identity, as fragmented or as controversial as it may seem to those who study it. The aim is to become familiar with the deepest patterns of Romanian identity, as we encounter it today, either in history, political studies, fieldwork in sociology or, simply, when we interact with Romanians. By using readings and presentations produced by Romanian specialists, we aim to be able to see the culture with an "insider's eye", as much as we can. This perspective will enable us to develop mechanisms of understanding the Romanian culture and mentality independently, at a more profound level and to reason upon them.

RMAN W4051 Directed Readings in Romanian. 3 points.

Directed readings in Romanian.

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