Activities & Events

“[The] activities and the college readiness programs were very effective, efficient, resourceful, and truly beneficial.”

If your course schedule allows, recreational and co-curricular activities are offered Monday-Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., these include:

College Preparedness Programs

  • A talk on applying to college presented by Columbia Undergraduate Admissions
  • Seminars on how to write college application essays
  • Campus tours of Columbia University and Barnard College
  • A college fair featuring representatives from over a hundred colleges and universities
  • Panels and seminars on college life led by university students
  • Seminars on college life led by university students
  • Academic preparedness and study skills seminars

Special Lectures

Program instructors deliver optional midday lectures on topics of interest. Topics from 2019 included:

  • Enlightened Capitalism: Socially Responsible Investing
  • Technologies of the Future
  • False Eyewitness Testimony: The Limits of Memory
  • The Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life
  • The Neuroscience of Pleasure and Reward
  • Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Computational Propaganda: How Algorithms and Automation Manipulate and Falsify Reality
  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Grading the U.S. Government: A Historical Perspective
  • Selfies, Snapchat, and Beyond: An Exploration of the Photographic Portrait
  • How Many Words for Snow Do You Have? How Language Really Works
  • Games of Strategy: Using Game Theory to Understand Everyday Interactions
  • What is Liberty? Freedom in Theory and Reality

Please note that not all talks will align with all student course schedules.

Community Outreach & Awareness

Past projects have included:

  • Volunteering in local soup kitchens
  • Teaching computer skills to the elderly
  • Visits to local sustainability and urban gardening projects
  • On-campus food and clothing drives
  • Social awareness and community-support programming

Special Interest Clubs & Discussion Groups

Past examples include:

  • Urban dance classes
  • LGTBQ+ Alliance
  • Pop culture lunch clubs
  • 'Love your Melanin' POC Group
  • Social topics and ethics discussion groups

Campus Resources

  • Using Columbia's physical fitness center
  • Studying in the university's many libraries and computer labs
  • Sampling the neighborhood's cafés and restaurants
  • Relaxing, socializing, and enjoying the sunshine on Columbia's beautiful campus