Pre-Arrival Checklist

Enrolled Students | Summer 2020

In order to fully secure your place in the program, you should complete the following steps:


  1. Submit Your Enrollment Confirmation Form and Deposit Payment

    Your Enrollment Confirmation Form can be found via your online application portal. A deposit for the amount of $2,500 must be made to secure your spot in the program. If you are a Dual Session student, your nonrefundable deposit is $5,000. Deposits are due within 15 days of the date listed on your decision letter.
  2. Submit Your Admitted Student Documents

    After submitting your deposit, an Admitted Student Checklist will appear in your student portal. You are required to complete and submit all of the included forms. Your Health Form, Gym Waiver, and Media Release must be completed as soon as possible.
  3. Submit Your Immunization Record

    Columbia University requires that students submit documentation of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella to the Columbia Health Immunization Compliance Office. Individuals who come from an area where tuberculosis is considered endemic should have a tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD) and follow the provider's recommendation regarding any positive results.

    All students are required to submit MMR records. Only students who are compliant will be able to attend the program this summer. 

    You must also complete the student section of the Columbia University MMR Form.

    Please Note:
    • All immunizations must have been received after your first birthday.
    • Live Measles: 2 doses required. Vaccines must have been administered at least 28 days apart.

    There are several ways to document your immunity to MMR; please see the second page of the immunization form: Columbia University Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Form for Summer Programs.

    See options for submitting your MMR requirements

    Online: Secured digital upload via the Patient Portal. Click here for instructions.

    In Person: Columbia Health Immunization Compliance Office is located in John Jay Hall, 3rd Floor. Please check their hours of operation.

    By Mail: Documents should be mailed to the address listed below.

    Immunization Compliance Office
    John Jay Hall, 3rd Floor, Mail Code 3601
    519 West 114th Street
    New York, NY 10027

    By Fax: If you are unable to submit your documentation using the methods listed above, students have the option to submit their paperwork via fax using the following number: (212) 854-5078

    Be sure to keep a copy of your fax or delivery confirmation as we cannot verify receipt of individual documents.

    Important: The Immunization and Compliance Office will not be able to confirm receipt of documents until your student account has been activated. Enrolled students will receive activation information as early as mid-February.
  4. Activate Your University Network Identification (UNI)

    An activation link for your UNI will be emailed to you prior to the start of the program. You should activate your UNI as soon as you receive the link.

    Activation of your UNI allows access to your Columbia University e-mail account. Upon activation, you can log into your e-mail account at It is necessary that you gain access to your account because certain University notifications will be sent only to your Columbia email address.
  5. Request Your Columbia University Identification Card (CUID)

    It is important that you request a CUID ahead of time as you will need it in order to gain access to many of the buildings on campus. You can request your CUID by submitting a photo. You will need your UNI to access this secure site. You should submit your photo as soon as possible. You will receive your CUID when you arrive on campus.

    Please be sure that your photo conforms to the specified requirements, including file size. A few days after you submit the photo, you should check your Columbia e-mail account to make sure that your photo has been approved.

    Past participants will not be able to submit a new photo but will receive a new ID card upon arrival on campus.
  6. Make any Necessary Special Arrangements

    Students requiring special in-class accommodations should register with Disability Services.

    Residential students requiring special dormitory accommodations on the basis of documented disabilities should email

    Residential students with special dietary requirements are welcome to contact Bianca Tamburello, RD, Columbia’s Registered Dietitian, at or 212-854-3353.
  7. Submit Your Official Transcript

    If you uploaded an unofficial transcript through the online application system, you will need to have an official version mailed to the following address:

    Programs for High School Students
    Office of Admissions
    School of Professional Studies
    203 Lewisohn Hall
    2970 Broadway, Mail Code 4119
    New York, NY 10027-6902

    Students who submitted an official transcript with their application are not required to submit another copy.
  8. Acquire Course Materials

    Be sure that you have any supplies that might be required for the particular curricular option(s) in which you are enrolled.
  9. Authorize Parent or Guardian as an Authorized Payer

    If a parent or other family member is responsible for your bill, you will need to set them up as an Authorized Payer. Federal privacy regulations limit the access of other people, including family members, to the student account. For parents or other members of a student's family to see and pay the monthly E-Bill, the student needs to set them up as an Authorized Payer.

  10. Submit Final Tuition Payment to Student Financial Services

    Student Financial Services will send an invoice to your Columbia University e-mail address detailing the tuition and fees. Bills will not be sent to personal email accounts. Before receiving a bill, the student will be sent instructions regarding the option to allow a parent or family member to make a payment through the university's Authorized Payer portal.

    You will not be able to make any payments other than the initial $2,500 deposit until you receive this invoice. Your tuition balance will be due approximately two weeks after the invoice is issued. Please review your bill carefully for the due date.