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“My instructors challenged us with college-level readings, then helped us decipher the information presented to us and make connections with real-life examples.”
– Alana B., student | Staten Island, New York >>

“Columbia’s program overall was the most fulfilling and enriching experience I have ever participated in.”
– Lucas S., student | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil >>

“I learned a lot about business and entrepreneurship from this program, which was very helpful and further enhanced my interest in the subject.”
– Eliza W., student | Richmond, Virginia >>

“It was an incredible experience to meet people from across the United States and the world.”
– Natasha D., student | Bardonia, New York >>

“It’s crazy how in three weeks I was able to make so many new friends!”
– Grace F., student | Irvine, California >>

“I learned that big data can be applied in pretty much every field out there.”
– Kristine F., student | Whippany, New Jersey >>

“Studying how law has historically catalyzed reforms was powerful.”
– Mrinalni W., student | Gurugram, India >>

“For me, the biggest takeaways were more confidence and self-awareness.”
– Lillian R., student | Carrboro, North Carolina >>

“Columbia’s rigorous program allowed me to see how life would be in college.”
– Isabella S., student | Gladwyne, Pennsylvania >>

“Columbia’s program appealed to me as a way to use summer break to explore my interest in architecture.”
– Oscar L., student | New York, New York >>

“The main takeaway of this program for me was all the personal insight given to my class from our instructors.”
– Zoe S., student | London, United Kingdom >>

“Being at Columbia has invigorated me to keep creating, keep pursuing what I love, and fully embrace my potential as a writer.”
– Margaux T., student | Baltimore, Maryland >>

“I learned to allow my truth to guide me in the process of my writing.”
– Darlene U., student | Brooklyn, New York >>

“Being a storyteller and spending time in the city gave me a lot of great inspiration.”
– Annabella V., student | Richmond, California >>

“My three weeks at Columbia were completely transformative.”
– Annabel Z., student | Santa Monica, California >>

“Our son spent his days immersed in study on Columbia’s campus, and evenings experiencing the culture and diversity of New York City.”
– Laurie and Larry Abrams, parents

“Kaan came back from Columbia with new perspectives on life, becoming more self-confident and independent.”
– Elif Aribal, parent

“His professor was engaging and energetic and brought insight to the subject, and his fellow students were inspiring and challenging. Every day was an adventure.”
– Laura Ekstrand, parent

“Columbia proved to be very capable at managing a safe, urban environment that allowed our daughter to feel both secure and adventurous.”
– David Ervin, parent

“[Our son] returned home with a significant and lasting positive change. We attribute this experience to the well-organized and well-balanced program at Columbia University.”
– Max and Donna Ghaderi, parents

“A perfect combination of academics, social activities, and the cultural enrichment you can only get from New York City.”
– Brandi Gil, parent

“I could immediately see how much [my son] has matured. One of the first things he said was: 'It is really cool to be surrounded by intelligent people.'”
– Nadia Sikorsky, parent

“[My daughter] came back home so enthusiastic and happy, full of memories and funny stories. Definitely she came back stronger as a person and more confident.”
– Svetlana Tolstikova-Galperina, parent

“[My students] amazed me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. They are youthful but wise, silly but intelligent, and more than anything, they are truly warm-hearted individuals who are thoughtful and genuine.”
– Alexander Bhadai, Program Residential Life Assistant

“In the end, I realize the high school students have taught me more than I could have taught them…. These students think outside the box to bring forth innovative ideas, and they are genuinely motivated to succeed. Being their [course helper] made me see the value of seeing the world through a youthful lens.”
– Madison Graham, Program Residential Life Assistant