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Summer 2024 & Fall 2024 applications are now open.

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Judging for CSPA

Thank you for your interest in joining the CSPA Board of Judges.

As a judge, you can assist other staff while you take an in-depth look at publications from different parts of the United States.  Many of our current judges remark that this experience has been an invaluable aid to them as advisers. You'll see what other advisers and staff are dealing with and help guide them along using CSPA standards.

We ask you to critique a set of four publications during a five-week period of your choice between May and the end of December. Each evaluation should take several hours to complete. As you know from receiving our scorebooks, we have very detailed criteria. Comments must be written to explain all criticisms and praise positive aspects of the publication.

We will be happy to work with your summer and academic year schedules. If you are only available during a certain month, we will send the publications according to your schedule.

The payment is $65 per publication.


We will electronically send you:

► A link to the folder/file for each publication you've been assigned. You should be able to access/view the file through your Web browser OR download the PDF entry to your computer for review.*

► A link to the judging survey for each publication you've been assigned

*Please note that many of these files will be large in size so it might take some time to load in your browser, and will take much more time to download (if you choose to take this step).


► We use UPS for both sending materials to you and receiving materials from you, so shipping is “on us.” Please do not provide a P.O. Box address for shipments; UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box.

► Enclosed in your package will be a prepaid return shipping label. Call 1-800-PICK-UPS for pick-up right from your front door.  Again, we pay the return shipping costs directly to UPS. You are not required to pay anything.

Because our communication with you is important, feel free to call us at (212) 854-9400 ,or email us at cspa [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu.

The scoring guidelines you will use will be carefully explained. Our judging procedures are explained in the Just for Judges guide, and after you receive an invitation to judge, we will send you judging guidelines.

Please follow this link to visit our Judging Application site. Also, to comply with auditing guidelines at Columbia University, we are required to ask you to identify any other organizations for which you judge.