Introduction to Finance and Investment Management (IFIN0101)

Fall - October 17–December 20, 2020
Days & Time:
Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Matthew Cantwell

Course Description

Participants learn the principles of finance and investment management, to include interest rates and compound interest, the time value of money, risk and reward, how stocks and bonds are valued, how the stock market functions, how the international financial market functions, and how to approach stock selection and portfolio management.

We explore the structure of the financial system, to include the role of individual participants, investment banks, asset managers, the Central Bank, and other players in the global economy. The course connects foundations of economics to financial markets. What is the role of risk in investment? How does the environment of the market and the broader world drive return on investments? Why have some investments done well in memorable history? Why have others not done well? How are the winners and losers of past investments explained by financial theory? What is the role of traditional investments, such as mutual funds, and of alternative investments, such as venture capital, private equity and hedge funds?

Students generate their own investment strategies and portfolios. The course includes some asynchronous work, which students are expected to complete between class sessions.

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Matthew Cantwell

Matthew Cantwell is a global business advisor, partner, and executive with a track record of growing and transforming private equity and venture capital-backed businesses. He serves as Chief Strategy Officer for the International Division of McGraw Hill Education, an Apollo-owned company. In this role Matt oversees strategy and business development into 130 countries. Previously he was a manager on the M&A Advisory team at PwC, where he led commercial and operations due diligence and value capture planning for private equity and venture capital clients. Matt has also served as an associate at Battelle Ventures and then led strategy for 360ip, a Battelle portfolio company in Asia. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School’s EMBA-Global program, an MSc in international political economy from The London School of Economics, and an undergraduate finance degree from Penn State University’s Schreyer Honors College.

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