Law at the Cutting Edge of Technology (ENLW0101)

Fall - October 17–December 20, 2020
Days & Time:
Sunday, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Tania Ali

Course Description

This class explores the application of legal principles to advancements in technology, including social media, drones, video games, cryptocurrency, and smartphone apps. In learning about these particular topics, students gain a more general understanding of some of the most important concepts underlying much of U.S. law.

We analyze the law of nuisance and trespass through the lens of Pokemon Go, and we look at the legal concept of negligence by examining product liability issues arising from injuries related to autonomous vehicles and SnapChat filters. The class then explores how the right to privacy is impacted in the physical world by drone technology, and how privacy interests are impacted in the digital world by data gathering platforms such as Facebook. We look at legal issues having to do with the future of money, gaining a basic understanding of blockchain and its role in cryptocurrency and fractional asset ownership through tokenization. Finally, through a study of “influencer” marketing, we explore advertising, marketing, and contract law through a case study of the infamous Fyre Festival.

Through this immersive learning experience, participants gain a broad understanding of the law as well as enhanced analytical and problem-solving skills. They learn how to approach complex, dynamic legal problems and methodically analyze all relevant factors so as to arrive at logical, evidence-based results. Further, they practice collaborative co-creation and public speaking. The course includes asynchronous work, which students are expected to complete between class sessions.

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Tania Ali

Tania Ali is a New York native who attended George Washington University where she received a BA in Political Science and Hofstra School of Law where she received her JD. She specializes in fintech and payments law. Tania has been practicing as an attorney in the New York City area for over 10 years and has been specializing in the area of fintech for over 4 years. Tania is currently the Head of Legal for Velo Payments, 5 a Series A Payments Startup which is the first payments platform purpose-built for the gig economy and its payment providers. Prior to Velo Payments, Tania was a General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Travelex Currency Services, Inc., one of the world’s largest foreign exchange bureaus. While at Travelex, Tania was a critical member of the executive team that relaunched and grew Travelex's global payments division. Tania has spent time on the US faster Payments Council, specifically working on the regulatory committee. Tania is a recent member of the New York City Bar. She also engages with the New York City fintech community as a member of TechGC.

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