Key to Course Listings

Key to Course Listings

Courses are listed in sequence within each department, in the format described below.

ANTH V1002. The Interpretation Of Culture.
3 points
The anthropological approach to the study of culture and human society. Using ethnographic case studies, the course explores the universality of cultural categories (social organization, economy, law, belief systems, arts, etc.) and the range of variation among human societies.


An abbreviation of Academic Department or Subject Area to which the course belongs.


Course Number (see explanation below)

The Interpretation Of Culture.

Course Title

3 point(s)

Point Value
1 point=1 semester hour. All courses must be taken for credit, unless specifically noted.

Explanation of Course Numbering System

A Architecture, Planning and Preservation
BC Barnard College
C Columbia College
E Fu Foundation School of Enginering and Applied Science
F School of General Studies
G Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
N Noncredit Courses
P School of Public Health
R School of the Arts
S Summer Course
U School of International and Public Affairs
V Joint course with Barnard College
W Other interfaculty course
The first digit of the number represents the level of the course, as follows:


Course that cannot be credited toward any degree


Introductory-level undergraduate course


Introductory- or intermediate-level undergraduate course


Advanced-level undergraduate course


Introductory graduate course; may be taken by advanced undergraduates with appropriate preparation


Advanced graduate course; instructor's permission required

Location of Classes

Room assignments and course changes for all courses are published in the Directory of Classes.

Fall and spring programs open to domestic students in grades 11 or 12.