Seminar & Practicum

The Internship in Building Community is divided into two distinct parts; Seminar and Practicum. Seminar takes place during the first two weeks of the internship and is the formal training period for all interns. Practicum begins immediately after and covers the period of time in which the Summer Immersion Program for High School Students takes place. Additional information is included below.


June 15 - 27

Seminar takes place during the first two weeks of the internship and serves as the formal training period for the program.

Interns attend a series of collaborative learning workshops geared towards providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills required to be successful in a professional workplace, particularly as it applies to the internship.

Seminar also serves as a time for interns to build the foundation of their community as they get to know their peers and collaborate on team-based initiatives and projects.

Seminar topics include:

  • interpersonal communication
  • leadership
  • conflict resolution
  • community building
  • collaboration and organizational skills
  • event planning and coordination
  • wellness and self-care


June 28 - August 8

During the 6-week Practicum, each intern serves as both a Resident Advisor and a Program Assistant for Columbia's Summer Immersion Program. Using skills developed during the Seminar, interns are responsible for creating a cohesive, lively, and respectful student community.

The Practicum takes place over the course of two Summer Immersion Program sessions, each lasting three weeks. Each session brings a new cohort of students from across the country and around the world.

While leading the students as Resident Advisors, Course Assistants, Program Assistants, and activities leaders, interns find themselves challenged to grow and learn, adapt and rethink their own ideas of leadership, organization, and what makes a community.

Additional information regarding an intern's role during the Practicum can be found on the Responsibilities page.