Modern Biology and its Real World Applications

I - June 28–July 16, 2021
Modality, Day & Time:
Monday–Friday, 9:10 –11:00 a.m. and 1:10–3:00 p.m.

Frank Ciulla

One year of high school biology, including study of genetics, DNA, RNA, and proteins; one year of high school chemistry.

Course Description

The field of biology has expanded rapidly over the past fifty years. New discoveries are happening almost every day. In this course we explore the basic elements of molecular biology, genetics, and evolution and how these sciences affect modern medicine, agriculture, and ecology.

The course begins with a full description of the structure, function, and synthesis of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Students then apply this information to a wide range of topics such as modern biological research techniques, data interpretation, genetic engineering, immunology, cancer, and virology. The course also includes mini-units on bioethics and the biology of global warming, and we connect modern biology to fields such as anthropology, history, and economics. A variety of group activities, online labs, and videos supplement the student experience.

Please note: Approximately a third of the material covered in this course will already be familiar to students who have taken AP Biology.


Frank Ciulla

Frank Ciulla holds a B.A. with honors in chemistry from Oberlin College and an M.A. in molecular biology from Columbia University. He did research at Harvard Medical School, where he located and sequenced hormone genes, and Columbia University, where he studied gene regulation in bacteria and cancer-causing viruses. Ciulla has been a faculty member at The Collegiate School, Regis High School, and New York University. He has taught Pre-Engineering Physics and Advanced Science Topics at Columbia. Ciulla is the president and owner of Hudson Educational Services, where he tutors students in all levels of math and science, and he writes textbooks for online publication.

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