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Summer 2024 applications are now open.

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Students listening to a presentation.

College Preparation

Students are invited to attend college preparation events in the form of seminars, workshops, and lectures to prepare for the academic rigors of university life. Our dedicated instructors and staff will help students find the right college fit for their personality and learn what steps to take to achieve it all.  

Programs and Workshops

Finding the Right College for You

Academic departments and student activities; distance from home and financial aid; housing options and cafeteria menus; so many factors come together in your college experience! Learn how to navigate the college search process by understanding your needs and finding schools that fit your priorities.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward on a College Application

A college application is a jigsaw puzzle, where all the pieces should interlock to create a single, unique portrait of you. In this workshop, we will discuss the various components to your application and how to make the most of each one.

Insider Tips for the Common App

­­The goal of the Common App is to help reduce the barriers that students face when applying to college. In this session, we'll introduce you to the many useful tools that Common App provides, and we'll explore how to personalize each portion of the application for the schools to which you apply.

Career Skills and Exploration

Find your path and get a leg up on the competition by attending seminars and events focused on career skills and exploration. Learn about yourself and what’s important to you with a Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment during our interactive workshop; learn how to distinguish yourself and impress college interviewers; develop your unique personal and professional brand to effectively communicate who you are and what you stand for. These events will help you discover more about yourself to help you find what school or career path may be a good fit—and learn how to present yourself to make that path a reality.

Explore Our Pre-College Programs

The best way to prepare for college is the way that works best for you. That’s why we offer multiple programs: learn in person or online, during the school year or summertime.

Find Your Program