Position Overview

Course Facilitator

Columbia University’s Summer Immersion Programs offer immersive academic experiences for high-achieving high school students from around the world. To assist in the execution of the program, the University hires undergraduate and graduate students to work as Course Facilitators. In this role, Course Facilitators are assigned to a particular academic course and support in the execution of the classroom experience. There are on campus and remote positions available.

The role is ideal for academic-oriented, growth seeking college students who are interested in collaborating with others to create an engaging classroom and community experience.

More information about the application process, as well as the application, can be found here.

Position Overview

Course Facilitators hone their organizational and technical skills by assisting instructors in the everyday execution of the classroom experience. In this role, Course Facilitators also have the opportunity to gain professional skills necessary for working in any field.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Attend training session to assist in the execution of a positive classroom experience.
  • Perform classroom support duties as assigned by the program or designated instructor.
  • Work to ensure that students are effectively and responsibly engaging with their course work and community life.
  • Promote community engagement by connecting students with information about program offerings beyond the classroom.
  • Engage seriously in the program and seek to make a contribution that furthers the goal of community building amongst its members.

Additional Responsibilities

In some instances, some instructors may request Course Facilitators perform additional responsibilities outside of the foundational requirements outlined above. Additional duties may include:

  • Coordinating logistics for guest speakers.
  • Facilitating student discussions, study groups, etc. (outside of normal class hours).
  • Uploading documents and resources to CourseWorks.
  • Organizing and assisting with in-class activities.
  • Assisting or performing in mock trials, debates, etc.
  • On Campus Course Facilitators will have the opportunity to plan and chaperone field trips.


Course Facilitators receive their course and instructor assignment(s) during the training period of the program. Assignments are based on the individual’s past experience, educational background, and interests in conjunction with instructor needs.

Course areas include the arts, business, law, technology and computer programming, the sciences, psychology, etc.

A complete list of course offerings can be found here.

Training & Course Assignments


Training takes place prior to the start of classes when Course Facilitators participate in a two week training period.

Online Course Facilitators work with program veterans and administrative staff to learn new skills for the virtual classroom. Training will include learning how to navigate Columbia systems and technologies as well as trainings geared toward communication and organizational skills. Additionally, staff will work with program instructors to help prepare for the start of classes.

On Campus Facilitators will attend in person trainings on Columbia University's campus. The trainings will including best practices in managing the classroom experience and learning various Columbia resources and systems.

Course Assignments

Classes are in session for 5-7 weeks, depending on modality. This is the time when Course Facilitators work directly with program instructors to support the day to day execution of the classroom experience. Course Facilitators may be assigned to work with the same instructor or course for the duration of the practicum, or may be assigned to different courses and instructors each session.

Using skills developed during training, interns are responsible for creating a cohesive, lively, and smooth classroom environment.


Employees must commit to the entirety of the program. Hours will range from 10-20 hours per week, depending on course assignments.

Course Facilitators must reside in the U.S. for the duration of their employment, regardless if they are remote or on campus.


Course Facilitators are paid $21.50 an hour.

Course Facilitators should expect to work 10 - 20 hours per week during their appointment. Staff will be paid on a biweekly schedule.

For more information about the Course Facilitator role, please visit here.

All on campus Course Facilitators are required to show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination and follow COVID-19 safety policies while on campus. Religious and medical exemptions can be requested and will be reviewed in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.