“Having to be responsible for the safety and well-being of people's children seemed like a very daunting task at first. However, it turned out to be a wonderful experience. I became more comfortable with being a figure of authority as the program progressed. I also found myself becoming more social because of the close-knit community that the IBC fostered."
Diale Takona | IBC 2019

“This program has given me the opportunity to fine tune my leadership skills and prepare for a future career in teaching and higher education. [Working] with my residential students and the students in the class I was a course helper for has helped me refine my ability to connect and communicate with high school students. All of my interactions with students have reminded me why I want to become a teacher in the first place."
Dariana Almeyda | IBC 2018 & 2019

“Everyone in the IBC was super welcoming and friendly. Everyone genuinely wanted to get to know each other and help each other out whenever possible. It is clear that the IBC has been doing this for a while, and every part of the program has a clear procedure in place, which makes everything fairly organized and easy to follow.”
Aaron Crist | IBC 2019

“I am so grateful for the opportunities I had to serve the New York City community working in Community Outreach and having meaningful discussions with students during midday activities. Being a course helper for Conservation Biology was more than I could have hoped for and absolutely confirmed my desire to become a professor.”
Samantha Kosai | IBC 2019

“The IBC was a great experience in developing my social skills. I want to work with people in my future career, and this was as much social interaction as you can get within a job! It was great! I learned how to reach across cultural differences with students and co-workers alike.”
Emma Aulenbach | IBC 2019

“[The IBC] was exactly what I needed at this time in my academic life and was the most productive summer I've had professionally…. Even if someone doesn't want to go into Student Affairs or work with Housing or anything in that area, this job still helps you build skills that could be applicable to nearly anything.”
Bethel Eyasu | IBC 2019

“My role as a course helper allowed me to learn by teaching and aiding in instruction and created meaningful relationships with professionals in my area of interest. [The instructors I assisted] were extremely generous, informative, and eager to help me grow.”
Mason Millner | IBC 2019

“Every day there was something new to look forward to. On the Academic Skills team, I was able to help classes and chaperone trips around the city including the United Nations and MoMath museum. I also had the opportunity to facilitate and host a lecture of my own. Most importantly, as an RA, I strengthened my leadership skills and bonded with students from all over the world.”
Ana Zuffi | IBC 2018 & 2019

“I grew as an individual and learned how to not only respond to situations that could never be planned for, but to be patient with myself and those around me; to be flexible and open minded; vulnerable and honest; to trust my instincts. And I’m sure none of this would be true if I hadn’t spent my summer building community.”
Ahiranis Castillo | IBC 2019

“Interacting with high schoolers has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be. I especially enjoyed watching students thrive and connect with their peers in the clubs I led. I hope that they carry fond memories of their time here for years to come, and I hope that I was a part of that.”
Genevieve Fabian | IBC 2019

“I learned a lot about how to communicate with others effectively, whether it be through orientation on the first day, [dormitory] suite bonding, or running trips. I have also improved my adaptability in difficult situations; when running a field trip and plans went awry, I had to think on the spot to make it successful. There's a lot of responsibility with this internship that makes you mature as a college student.”
Tim Cox | IBC 2019

“The IBC truly requires your work to become your lifestyle, and you end up representing so much more than yourself. A variety of skills and experiences are crucial for obtaining future employment, but attitude, character, and an individual‘s ability to work well with others are exceedingly important. These qualities are daily practices during the IBC, providing countless opportunities to grow.”
Louisa Carter | IBC 2019

“An experience to remember: full of growth and self-discovery. I will look back in my life and say with a smile, ‘remember that summer I spent in New York City with the IBC?’”
Kia Sabo | IBC 2019

“[Anyone] interested in student affairs, who wants a fun summer in New York City, and to expand their perspective and have an enriching [experience], then this is a program for them. The program touches on a variety of skills and growing opportunities for the interns which could really benefit anyone.”
Aicha Haidera | IBC 2019

“A world-class experience in a world-class institution/program. I met really awesome people and got to be as low-key as I wanted to be in the fastest moving city in the world. I'm excited to share with my friends what they can gain from something like this - a summer that's adaptable and moldable to the type of individual.”
Carlos Rubio Regalado | IBC 2019

“I worked with a co-RA, which prepared me to work better on a team rather as an individual. I stopped relying on myself 100% and trusted others to be as dedicated and hard-working as myself.”
Jacqueline Rankel | IBC 2019

“I experienced so many great things from concerts and Broadway shows to learning how to deal with students breaking rules and finding a balance between [my work roles]. The IBC was the best thing I could have done after my first year of college. I have learned so much about being in Student Affairs and living in a big city, and there is no other place I could have received this experience and made such amazing friends.”
Hanna Yalew | IBC 2019

“I enjoyed with working on a big team with dozens of staff members and hundreds of students more than I thought I would. I am happy that I accomplished a good rapport with both of my [student groups], and a sense of purpose in both of my course helper roles, and most importantly that I found my place in a big community of wonderful people.”
Christopher Allen | IBC 2019

“I was constantly motivated to work hard because work was *fun*! This summer, I felt like I did more than just live and work in New York City; I experienced the city through an incredibly unique lens, and I fostered a community and a network of friends that I know I will keep in touch with for a long time.”
Emma Cohen | IBC 2019

“My time with the IBC has taught me to be more expectant of myself, and more open towards others. Being a better version of yourself can make a substantial difference in the lives of the people around you...I always felt as though I could depend on the IBC community at large. Being surrounded by a driven community made it easy to keep my momentum.”
Harrison Prisbrey | IBC 2019

“This summer was profound in its ability to shape me into a more independent, more committed, and more active community member.”
Morgan Ollar | IBC 2019

“Working with high school students was a different and unique experience for me... I enjoyed navigating how to adapt to working with a younger population, as well as working with international students who are coming from many different backgrounds.”
Sa’eed Bunch | IBC 2019