Online Course Facilitators

“I learned to view education from a systems-level perspective which has been incredibly valuable. This role required me to troubleshoot and critically think of ways to efficiently streamline exceptional learning opportunities for diverse populations around the world. "
Bradley Davis | 2020

“I learned how to engage with people on virtual platforms and create meaningful connections. I would recommend this to someone and tell them that if they're looking to complete meaningful work for a community that is supportive and fun, to apply for IBC!"
Jasmine Zenn | 2020

“I didn't realize how much I would be able to connect with professors, students, even other interns from a virtual setting. It turned out that I was able to meet new people and connect."
David Harris | 2020

“Being an OCF was a fulfilling experience that helped me hone in on my communication skills, which became ever more vital in the online setting. I'd recommend the position to anyone looking to positively impact a learning environment that is itself learning. "
Harrison Prisbrey | 2020

Residence Life Interns

“I have learned some of the most important things about myself, my passions, and my global community in the IBC. The students never cease to amaze me and I have made some of the most meaningful connections of my life with the staff I've worked with over the years... It's so refreshing to be a part of something that only gets better with time.”
Chloe Dauer | 2021

“Working with such bright and talented high schoolers has been a truly gratifying experience. The most fulfilling part of the job was seeing how students gained confidence, learned crucial life skills, and made connections with people from all over the world thanks to our efforts. Above all, doing this side-by-side with great coworkers made the experience all the better!”
Paulina Sicius | 2021

“Interacting with high schoolers has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be. I especially enjoyed watching students thrive and connect with their peers in the clubs I led. I hope that they carry fond memories of their time here for years to come, and I hope that I was a part of that.”
Genevieve Fabian | 2019

“Working with high school students was a different and unique experience for me... I enjoyed navigating how to adapt to working with a younger population, as well as working with international students who are coming from many different backgrounds.”
Sa’eed Bunch | 2019