Instructions for course registration


All students are required to register themselves prior to the start of the program. Students are required to attend a Registration Information Session, which are offered throughout the spring.

Upon acceptance, your decision letter will include the courses in which you are eligible for. You may only register for courses in which you have been approved.

Registration instructions will be included in a Next Steps email sent to students and parent/legal guardians within 1-2 days after committing to the program and paying a non-refundable enrollment deposit.

Registration Information Sessions

All students are required to attend an online Registration Information Session.

During the information session, students will be guided through the registration process and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Upon acceptance, students will receive an email invitation to RSVP for the event. Click here to view your decision letter and follow the letter's instructions to RSVP.

Registration FAQs

Can I register for a course that wasn't listed in my acceptance letter?

You may register for a course not listed in your acceptance letter only with approval from an Admissions Officer. Prior to submitting your request , review the prerequisites listed on the course description page to ensure you meet the requirements. If you meet all prerequisites and are approved to register for the course, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days. You may then register for the new course during your registration appointment period.

To request formal approval, email and be sure to include the name of the course.

What if my class is full?

Once a course fills, it will not be overenrolled. This policy is to ensure that we maintain a small course size with a high level of engagement and rigor.

To ensure you secure a spot in one of your priority course selections, we advise you to register for one of the other courses in which you were approved to enroll. If all of your approved courses have filled, please schedule a registration appointment with an Admissions Officer to assist you with finding a new course.

How can I see how many students are enrolled in a course?

Space in courses is limited. Students may check up-to-date, real-time enrollment numbers for any course by clicking on the Call Number on a course’s description page. This will bring you to Columbia's Directory of Classes, where you can see live enrollment details.

Can I register for more than one class?

No. Summer Immersion students may only take one course per session.

If you register for multiple courses in one session, an Admissions Officer will contact you to make an immediate decision on which singular course you will take. You may not reserve spaces in multiple courses.

When will my class appear on CourseWorks?

You will be able to view and access your class in Courseworks approximately one week before the start of class.

How to Register

1. Activate Your UNI

An activation link for your UNI will be emailed to you prior to the start of the program. Your UNI will provide access to SSOL (Student Services Online), which is where you will complete the registration process.

2. Make your Final Course Selection

Select the course you would like to register for from the list provided to you in your decision letter. Once selected, navigate to its course description page and locate the corresponding call number for the session you will be attending.

Please note, some curricular options have multiple offerings within a particular session or require you to register for a morning and afternoon component. Individual course listing pages will provide additional guidance for such instances.

Course Pages & Call Numbers

Call numbers are unique course identifiers assigned to each curricular offering. Call numbers can be found on individual course description pages, linked below.

3. Identify your Registration Appointment

Using your UNI, log in to your SSOL Account. Under the "Academic Records" section of the menu, click on Registration Appointments. There you will find the date and time of your registration appointment. You may only register during the times indicated.

4. Register for Class

When your registration appointment arrives, log back in to SSOL and click on, Registration under the 'Academic Records' menu. Review the registration agreement and proceed to the next step.

Enter the call number associated with your selected course and click, "Query/Add Class". Confirm that the generated course details match the details of your course selection. Once confirmed, click "Add Class" to formally register.

If you do not receive a green confirmation box confirming a successful registration, please reach out to the Admissions Office for guidance.