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Help high-achieving high school students attend the program.

Create a Current Use Scholarship Fund

Columbia University’s Pre-College Immersion Program is excited to announce the launch of our Current Use Named Scholarship Fund. Every year, many high-achieving young people are accepted into our Pre-College Program, but are unable to attend due to the financial burden.

This scholarship program is designed to alleviate that barrier in underrepresented communities throughout our tri‐state area.

The four scholarship levels of the program are outlined below and a commitment of at least three years is required to participate:

  • Blue & White – Covers 25% of the tuition for a student with need each summer - $1,500/year.
  • Founder’s Circle - Covers 50% of the tuition for a student with need each summer - $3,000/year.
  • 1995 Circle - Covers 75% of the tuition for a student with need each summer - $4,500/year.
  • King’s College - Covers 100% of the tuition for a student with need each summer - $6,000/year.

If you are interested please contact our Major Gift Officer, Adam Siepiola, at or by phone at 516‐668‐6180.

Contribute What You Can—Every Gift Helps a Student

If you are unable to contribute at the levels identified above you can still help. By clicking on the link below you can donate any amount you are able to contribute to our general scholarship fund. Please help ensure cost isn’t a barrier for a student to participate in our programs.  

Support a Student Now

Meet our Parent Donor: Laura Brevetti

Alessandra and Laura Brevetti


What was your child's experience like in the High School Program?

My daughter Allie was fortunate to attend Summer Immersion courses last year, when it was still an on-campus experience, and this year, an online program.  Of course, as most any teen would agree, being on the historic Columbia campus as part of a large, thriving student body, attending class and after-school activities, was amazing. This year, that part of the experience was gone, but what remained for her was still the incredible academic enrichment and challenge of a subject-matter she would not have had in high school. The professor brought in medical professionals each day to inspire and encourage the students to believe their dreams can be achieved. Also, the professor followed a lively interactive structure that maintained my daughter’s interest throughout.

Were there aspects of the program that were particularly beneficial? 

Yes, students were encouraged to actively participate in discussions of an advanced subject-matter and required to choose a medical problem, research it, suggest a possible solution, and present their findings to the entire class. The assignment was a tough challenge, but accomplished its purpose—making the students think like a physician-scientist.  

Why did you choose to fund this scholarship? 

I decided to fund the scholarship last year, after my daughter finished her first Columbia summer course and after I spoke with the folks at the school, who shared my views about broadening the availability of this invaluable experience to a more diverse student population. I am a Barnard-Columbia alum, who received financial help to attend school. I can remember what inspired me in high school.  I have been a strong believer in the value of exposing pre-college teens to high quality education, experiences that allow them to make mature decisions, and positive role-models. Students need to know that they “can do it”. Adults need to do what we can to make that opportunity a reality to the widest range of students, regardless of economic ability.  It is not just our obligation; it will benefit us all in the years to come as we try to heal the wounds we have seen inflicted on so many. 

Do you have any advice for families enrolling in the program for the first time? 

Yes. Please talk with and listen to your child about what interests them, what gets them excited.  Do not choose a course because you think it will look good on an application.  Education is a personal experience and your child will only benefit if allowed to reach and stretch themselves.  Discuss with your child each day about what they experienced. Make sure they are having fun!


Please consider joining Ms. Brevetti in supporting our current use scholarship fund for the Pre‐College Immersion Program. If you are interested please contact our Major Gift Officer, Adam Siepiola, at or by phone at 516‐668‐6180.