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Summer 2024 & Fall 2024 applications are now open.

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Student & Guardian Testimonials

Ryan K. | Summer 2023 Participant

"My instructor was not only highly professional, instilling confidence in the quality of education, but also exceptionally approachable, creating an open and engaging environment for students."

Sarina S. | Summer 2023 Participant

"I loved meeting new people from a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives and cultures. Everyone I met at the program had different experiences and different viewpoints, which made class and lunchtime discussions super interesting."

Chaeyoung S. | Summer 2023 Participant

"[The program] was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet peers around the world who have similar passions as me. The program didn’t just expand my knowledge in the field but also inspired me to continue pursuing my goals."

Emma A. | Summer 2023 Participant

"The best lesson the program taught to me was to put myself out there and really go for it! Taking the plunge and applying in the first place led me to the best summer experience I’ve ever had."

[My daughter's] safety and well-being is of utmost importance to me as a parent. I was reassured by the program's carefully calibrated environment, supported by a small student to resident advisor ratio and mandatory enforced curfews. This balance of supervision and freedom provided a safe space to her to pursue balanced exploration in a new world. Sending her to this program has been a great decision to aid her growth into an independent, responsible adult. 

-Amit C. | Summer 2023 Pre-College Parent

students talking on campus

John K. | Summer 2023 Parent

"Navigating a new city, managing his own schedule, and no home to come back to have all been a significant step for [my son], and I was somewhat surprised and pleased to see how well he adapted and flourished. Looking back, I realized that Columbia Pre-College residential program was quite thoughtful and carefully planned that kids could be independent in a safe environment.  One small moment of his newfound independence was doing his own laundry.  It may seem like a small thing, but for us, it meant growing up."

Asha P. | Summer 2023 Parent

"My son had the most amazing experience at Columbia’s Pre-College Program this year! To say he absolutely loved it, is an understatement. He enjoyed every moment of his entire experience - the academics, [residence] life on campus, the clubs, evening activities, and most of all, the many friendships he made. He had a great group of friends that instantaneously connected and did everything together. He had the time of his life at the program and I would hear it in his voice when we spoke. I highly recommend the program to every family wanting to provide a once in a lifetime experience to their student at an elite institution even if only to get a global perspective and connect with other students who attend from all over the world."

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