Program Cost

Detailed breakdown of costs

Program Cost

Program Cost$1,500.00 per course

Covers course tuition. While students may take up to 4 courses per term, we recommend taking between 1–3 courses per term, as each course requires work between class sessions. Students are responsible for the cost of each course that they enroll into.

Activities Fee$51.00 per term

Covers online co-curricular programming.

Technology Fee$35.00 per term

Covers online learning technology.

Application fee and course materials are not included in the program cost (see below).

Application Fee

Students are required to pay a nonrefundable $80.00 application fee.

Course Materials

Students should budget approximately $50.00 for books and course materials. Some curricular options may require additional materials.

Deposit & Balance Due

To secure a place in the program, a $500.00 nonrefundable deposit, credited toward tuition, is due upon notification of acceptance to the program. A bill for the balance due will be issued to the student's Columbia University email address prior to the program's start. Before receiving a bill, the student will be sent instructions regarding the option to allow a parent or family member to make a payment through the university's Authorized Payer portal.

Financial Aid

Individual applications for financial aid are not accepted. To learn about outside opportunities for financial assistance, we advise students to speak with their school's guidance counselor for information on how to search for financial aid and scholarship opportunities from outside sources and organizations.

Program Refund Policy

Students may withdraw from the program by the deadline indicated below for a full refund, minus the deposit. Anyone who withdraws from the program after the deadline below is responsible for full tuition. To withdraw from the program, please email with a parent cc’d on the email.

Withdrawal Deadlines

Spring 2021
Monday, January 25, 2021

Important note: Immersion Program withdrawal deadlines differ from standard Columbia University deadlines. Please email if you have any questions.

Prices are subject to Board of Trustee approval and may change.