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Summer 2024 & Fall 2024 applications are now open.

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CSPA Joseph M. Murphy Award

CSPA Founder Col. Joseph M. Murphy, CSPA Director Charles O'Malley, with newsman Walter Cronkite

Above: CSPA Founder Col. Joseph M. Murphy shakes the hand of newsman Walter Cronkite, seated next to then-Director Charles R. O'Malley, at the 50th anniversary celebration of CSPA.

The Joseph M. Murphy Award is named for the CSPA's founding director and honors his 45 years of distinguished service to the student press and to Columbia University.

This award recognizes outstanding service to the association over many years. It is intended as the ultimate distinction offered by the Association for service by a person or organization.

Suggestions for suitable candidates should be sent to the executive director. There is no formal nomination process.

The Murphy Award is discretionary. If presented, it is given at the Association's Annual Spring Convention in March at Columbia University.