Computer Programming for Beginners: Coding in Java

I. June 26–July 14, 2023
II. July 18–August 4, 2023
Day & Time:
Monday–Friday, 9:10–11:00 a.m. and 1:10–3:00 p.m. or 11:10 a.m.–1:00 p.m. and 3:10–5:00 p.m.
to be announced
No previous programming experience is required, but participants should have an aptitude for logical reasoning and systematic thinking.

“Even though the course was challenging and moved at a fast pace, I learned a lot. I didn't even know what coding was when I started, but I'm proud to say that I understand a decent amount and can apply this knowledge.”  - Maddie Z. | Madison, New Jersey

Course Description

An introductory course designed to develop logical reasoning and computer programming skills through immersion in the fundamentals of Java. Programming projects involving mathematical problems and logic games challenge students to develop their logical reasoning, systematic thinking, and problem-solving skills. Students become familiar with fundamental object-oriented programming concepts, algorithms, and techniques. This course covers an overview of introductory material through hands-on labs and individual and collaborative projects. Labs are carried out in the cross-platform Java environment, which will be set up on students' personal laptop computers.

Participants are expected to bring laptops for this class. Laptops can either be a PC or a Mac, but should have 8GB – 10GB of free space.

Students who are already familiar with Python might consider taking Computer Programming for Beginners: Coding in Python.

Registration Guidance & Call Number(s)

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Session 1 Classes

  • JAVA0101 001 | Call Number: 10379

Session 2 Classes

  • JAVA0101 002 | Call Number: 10380

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